Dippy at Home - Make your own Pollinator Mobile


A butterfly sitting on a leaf.


Suitable for: children aged 5-11.

Make your own butterfly or pollinator baby mobile

Use these butterfly models as an inspiration to make your own butterfly or pollinator as a baby mobile.

See a photo of various butterfly baby mobile models


More about butterflies and pollinators

Dippy on Tour aims to raise awareness of the amazing biodiversity of animals and plants in the world. Recently, insect populations have been falling as we have lost natural habitats. However, we can all take small steps to encourage them to come back and do the really important job of pollinating the plants that we all need for food.

When you go out for a walk or into the garden, it’s amazing how many different insects you can see. Be careful not to touch them though, you might hurt them and they could hurt you.

Butterflies are insects and also pollinators. Have you seen any of them in your garden?

Find some of the most common butterflies in the UK

Visit the Butterfly Conservation website for more information about butterflies and how to help them (external link)

Please use the hashtag #DippyAtHome to share any photos of your pollinator mobile.

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Season (19 June 2020 - 12 Dec 2020)