Cotton Famine Road

Type:Walking Route

Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL12 6BN
Commemorative post on Common Famine Road and a view over the Pennines.

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Cotton Famine Road in Rochdale has an historical link with the town’s industrial past.

It is a poignant reminder of the harsh times cotton workers endured during the 19th century cotton famine. The famous road is also unique in linking the American Civil War to wider social changes throughout the borough and beyond, led by the famous Rochdale Pioneers movement.

The road and surrounding moor are worth a visit for many reasons. It provides a vivid reminder of Rochdale’s proud past but, as one of the highest roads in England, it also offers stunning views over the Pennines and beyond. Indeed the upper section of the road is visible from many miles away and is a prominent part of the north Manchester/Lancashire/West Yorkshire landscape. Popular with walkers and runners, ornithologists and cyclists, the stunning moorland route also forms part of the Pennine bridleway.

If you are in the borough for a break, a day out or are looking for a picturesque walk, the famous road provides an unspoilt and stunning landscape to enjoy. It is well worth a visit, providing an historic link to the past, whilst enjoying views for miles around in a breathtaking panorama across the borough and beyond.

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