Dippy at Home - Make a Dinosaur Egg


A fossilised dinosaur egg.


Suitable for: children aged 5-11.

This fun activity takes a bit of time, but at the end you'll have some dinosaur eggs you can hatch to reveal a dino surprise inside.

What you will need:

• Balloons (1 per egg)
• PVA glue
• Model dinosaurs (1 per egg)
• Newspaper
• Paint brush
• Drinking glass
• Paint and other decorations


1. Stretch the neck of the balloon and pop your mini dinosaur inside.

2. Blow up the balloon to the size of an ostrich egg - about 15cm long.

3. Tear the newspaper into small pieces.

4. Put some PVA glue into a small bowl and add half the amount of water.

5. Place the balloon on a drinking glass and begin to cover it with the PVA and water mixture. The glass means that you can do half an egg at a time.

6. Place the little pieces of paper on the balloon over the PVA and water mixtureand cover with more of this gluey mixture.

7. Let the papier mache dry and then repeat as many times as you like, depending upon how hard you want the egg to be.

8. When your egg is completely dry, cut off the little balloon stalk and then paint your egg to decorate it.

9. You can make a clutch of eggs and hide them around the house.

Please use the hashtag #DippyAtHome to share any photos of your dinosaur eggs.

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